Certificate in Gem Cutting and Polishing (Lapidary)

Course Description:This program will include:-Understanding the Gem cutting process and Machinery, Practice cutting of most important cuts used, understand advantages & disadvantages of each cut. Learn the suitability of cuts for different Gem varieties to maximize yield, beauty & value.Develop skills in evaluation of rough stones, Develop the expertise to evaluate quality of cut & polished stones, Asses the requirement for re-cutting to enhance the beauty & value.

Certificate in Gemstone Identification

Course Description:This program will include:- Principals of Gemmology. Properties of natural & synthetic gems. Origin, Occurrences & Localities of gems. Practice the use of Gemological instruments and identification of natural, synthetic and treated gems. Develop the skills to handle & examine gems, assess the quality of the cut & the valuation of gems. Learn from the professionals who are actually in the gem & jewelry

Certificate in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing.

Course Description: In this course you'll learn the following:- Develop sources of inspiration, Understand jewelry design theory and artistry, Illustrate shape, form, and texture of metal, Render faceted gems, pearls, colored metals, etc. Learn traditional drafting techniques.