Arusha, Themi Hill Road- Njiro, Plot # 11, Opp. Kiltex, Tanzania

About Us


The Tanzania Gemological Centre was formed in the year 2003, with an objective to offer inhouse training on Gem and Rock Carving so as to enhance value addition skills. The centre was known as Arusha Gemstone Carving Centre (AGCC) until year 2009 when the name was changed to Tanzania Gemmological Centre (TGC). The changes were due to the changes in the National Minerals Policy which lead to the changes in the objectives of the centre to include Gemmology, Lapidary and Jewellery training. Tanzania Gemmological Centre is registed under NACTE with a registration number REG/SAT/033. Currently the Centre conducts Lapidary Training for all candidates in six months.


  • To provide training in Lapidary, Gemmology, Rock Carving and Jewelry Design & Manufacturing;

    To establish Gem & Jewelry museum;

    To undertake Gemmological research and development;

    To issue Gemstone Identification reports, Heat Treatment and other services to the Gemstone Trade;

    Provision of consultancy and extension services on Gem and Jewellery Technology;

    To establish a Gem testing Laboratory from which TGC will issue Gemstone certificates of authenticity; and Later to provide training in Diamonds course.


To provide training in gem and jewellery technology;

To promote gemstone, lapidary, rock carving, jewellery design and manufacturing activities at national and international levels;

To raise awareness to the community by offering short courses, seminars and workshops on gem and jewellery technology;

To provide consultancies in Gem and Jewellery Technology;

To provide gemstone and jewellery laboratory testing services;

Issuing Certificate of Authenticity of Gems and Jewellery;

To conduct value addition on minerals;

To provide reports and publications on Gem and Jewellery industry;

Maintain Gem and Jewellery Museum; and

To conduct researches for development and sustainability of Gem and
Jewellery industry.


To be the Centre of Excellence in training, developing, promoting and supporting
Gem and Jewellery Industry to attain international standards in the global
market for significant sustainable socio-economic development in Tanzania.


To ensure national and international trust in Tanzanian gem and jewellery
industry by maintaining quality, standards, integrity and professionalism in
provision of services.